About the chamber

Vocation and Strategy

The Chamber is a leader in the region focused on providing corporate services with three primary and clear objectives:




This institutional registry management, the development of projects targeting the formalization, modernization and competitiveness of business people, and the transformation towards simpler, on-line services, are all possible today thanks to the work and trust of the business people of the region.


The Chamber of Commerce is a private organization legally established, devoted to provide services required by business people through its qualified team and the best technological resources.

We work based on ethics and efficiency, respecting others, having a sense of responsibility and community towards the business community.


The Chamber of Commerce of Medellin for Antioquia shall create excellence for a modern business community which is very dynamic, regional and global.

Institutional Values

Dedication to service

  • Inspiration to serve customers with efficiency, prone to provide services, enjoying collaborating and serving.


  • Truth, sincerity, legality, honesty, special affection, empathy, engagement.
  • Timeliness to meet commitments, matching feelings and efforts.


  • Commitment to the policies, plans and programs established by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Obligation to reflect on, manage, guide and value the consequences of actions, both morally and ethically.
  • Virtue to face actions in a positive and comprehensive manner seeking labor, social and cultural improvements.
  • Awareness of the need to compensate or repair a loss when it takes place.


  • Morale and obligation of mankind.
  • Understanding and awareness of responsibility.
  • Analysis and appraisal of situations to make decisions with moral criteria and subject to the regulations.


  • Conceive how to create and gain advantages.
  • Create a culture that fosters knowledge generation.


  • Capacity to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Better use of resources to produce with more efficiency.

Strategic Lines

  • The Chamber is a beacon and model of corporate excellence and innovation.
  • Increase the share of revenues from public records without decreasing their dynamics.
  • Increase the competitiveness of the business people of Antioquia using efficient interactions with their surroundings and corporate excellence processes.
  • Modernization of the business people of Antioquia providing access to information sources, training and technological tools.

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