Registration Services

Registration Services

Servicios registrales: cómo sacar el registro mercantil


Registration services consisting of maintaining a record of business people, their business locations, and business-related documents in order to build trust among their customers and suppliers, making their businesses more visible, and making it easier to get credit and comply with the requirements.

Servicio registral para personas naturales o jurídicas


The unified offeror registry (Registro Único de Proponentes - RUP) is a registration service requested by corporations or individuals hoping to contract with government agencies. This allows them to participate in public bids and obtain contracts with the government, according to the enabling requirements.


entity registry

Nonprofit organizations (Entidades Sin ánimo de Lucro - ESAL) are legal entities created by the will of corporations or individuals to associate and perform altruistic activities that are not looking to share profits. These activities are carried in favor of the Associates, for the benefit of third parties or for the community at large, thus improving the economy of Antioquia.

Servicio registral para prestadores de servicios turísticos

National Tourism

All providers of tourist services that operate in Colombia are required to register with the National Tourism Registry (Registro Nacional de Turismo – RNT). This registration is mandatory for their operation and must be updated every year. Having this registration facilitates their legal operation in the country.

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